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Hi, I am Bharat (भरत 🔊).
Currently designing digital experiences at HelloFresh, Berlin.
Over the past decade, I have worked in publishing,
ecommerce, aviation & emerging tech.

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Wallet experience for HelloFresh customers

Web responsive & apps

The majority of the HelloFresh prospects convert with discounts. Customers receive rewards from various customer programs during the course of their relationship with HelloFresh. The Wallet experience collects all of the rewards that consumers have earned and guides them in getting the most out of their subscription.

The first slice of the experience was released as an experiment in the Q4 2022 and it was later successfully rolled out for all the markets in Q1 2023. 

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Verizon 5G

5G Home Internet

Web & App

Verizon 5G Home was launched in Aug 2018. After its release, I lead the strategic initiative to identify cross-channel experience opportunities, plan the upcoming experience releases and execute the key strategic bets. 
One of the noteworthy launches was the new generation 5G router and the sales experience to purchase it.

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Next gen Planebook app



The design of an in-flight experience for pilots in Gulfstream planes is a critical aspect of aviation safety and comfort. This project aimed to enhance it by digitizing the paper checklists and physical flight manuals.

The project involved collaboration between different stakeholders such as experts in aerospace engineering, human factors engineering, and industrial design. Our design decisions were informed by a thorough understanding of the tasks performed by pilots during all phases of flight, from takeoff to landing.

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Data Aware Design

Org-wide framework 
for designing with data

As part of the Design operating model, I explored a value based framework for designing with data to be used by global design team. The framework scales in two direction:

Part 1 involves establishing a practice through which designers will be able to use data in their design process.

Part 2 involves collaboration with data friends to create a platform for gathering insights from data.

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Online book buying experience


Responsive web & App

In order to create the next-generation Penguin digital experience, we were invited to the Penguin Randomhouse New Delhi headquarters in December 2019. The two main opportunities as we started discovery workshops with stakeholders were to increase omni channel sales and draw in/grow the Penguin's devoted client base.

After the experience's debut in 2020, user traffic increased by 18%.

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Bob's Omni retail Ixd

Bob's furniture retail experience

Web, App & POS

In 2018, when Bob's team approached us to define the white glove delivery scheduling experience, we realised that the 'Shipping & tracking' journey is heavily dependent on sales experience. That is when, the stakeholders agreed to look at entire shopping journey and requested us to prepare an experience proposal. 

After redesign +20k orders were scheduled through redesigned order experience. Quarterly mobile transactions went up by 45% and the bounce rate decreased by 15%.

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Assured care



for pro-active care experience design


Delphi &


As the systems supporting the customer experience change, there is also a need to change the way we design for those systems. 

The Assured care framework began as a background project to define the design process to design customer experiences for customer support automation tools. 

The framework focused on first discovering how the customer guiding experiences can help in enriching system knowledge about customer intent which in return help in defining best customer support system capabilities.

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